Rights sold: Italy – Voland, USA – The Literary Review (magazine rights), Russia – Limbus-press, Free Fly, CoLibri

Time and space, illusion and dream, world history and death are the main themes of Otroshenko's A Person Not to Be Trusted, where fantasy intertwines with reality, hoaxes and historical facts look just the same.

Literary critics sometime call Vladislav Otroshenko 'mystical realist' and 'postmodern writer', comparing his works to these of J.L.Borges, Italo Calvino, Gaite Gazdanova, and Milorad Pavić. At the same time, after Otrosheko's Person Not To Be Trusted was published in Italy (Voland, 1997), local journalists have dubbed the story 'philosophical mystery novel'.

Vladislav Otroshenko combined a rich, almost Gogolian prose style with Borgesian fantasy in his long-awaited volume of various genres of prose, entitled Persona vne dostovernosti (A Person Not to Be Trusted). (Thomas Epstein, The Literary Review)

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