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Kirill Kobrin himself is what we would call a rolling stone, a naturally born nomad. He has been moving from one place to another for the past 20 years, never really settling in one place, though eagerly absorbing everythying these places had to offer. While moving from one geographical point to another, he kept a diary explaining the cultural and political context immideately preceding the period of global lockdowns in 2021-2022. Reflecting upon objects, artefacts, texts and music he stumbled upon during the last three years, the author creates a detailed imprint of the precovid world that we left behind.

During the pandemic, he decided to publish this book sharing his thoughts about what was going to happen after the COVID.  Should we expect the end of the world, or we can overcome this? Will the pandemic change people, make them more honest and better? Will humanity learn from this catastrophe some solidarity, humility and humanity? It is through answering these complicated questions the author invites us to a dialogue, or rather discussion about what was going on not that long ago and what is happening now.


See a short excerpt from Kobrin's Sliding Into Isolation: Russia and the World. in English (translated by Thomas Campbell) at openDemocracy project website:


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