Published by: Czech Republic - Svet sovetu (1968), Estonia - Perioodika (1967), France - Les Editeurs Francais Reunis (1972), Germany - Volk und Welt (1968), Piper (1973), Verlag der Nation (1984), Hungary - Magveto (1968), Poland - Iskry (1971), Japan - Gunzosha (1985), Italy - Sellerio di Giorgianni (1988), Latvia - Liesma (1968), The Netherlands - Van Oorschot (1980), Slovakia - Obzor (1967), Sweden - AWE/Geber (1977), Romania - Colectia Meridiane (1968), Turkey - Hurriyet (1974), USA - ARDIS (1975), Overlook Press (2015)

Sozvezdie kozlotura (variously translated as "The Goatibex Constellation," "The Constellation of the Goat-Buffalo," and "Constellation of Capritaurus") is written from the point of view of a young newspaperman who returns to his native Abkhazia, joins the staff of a local newspaper, and is caught up in the publicity campaign for a newly produced farm animal, a cross between a goat and a West Caucasian tur (Capra caucasica).

Iskander's "remarkable satire of Lysenko's genetics and Khrushchev's agricultural campaigns, it was harshly criticized for showing the Soviet Union in a bad light." (Karen L. Ryan-Hayes, Contemporary Russian Satire: A Genre Study,  Cambridge University Press, 2006).


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