Publishers: France - JC LATTÉS (1981), Germany - Kindler (1969), SUHRKAMP (1976), VOLK UND WELT (1985, 1994), Die Andere Bibliothek (2016), Italy - RIZZOLI (1969), GIUNTINA (2009), Poland - CZYTELNIK (1957), Spain - MUCHNIK EDITORES (1978),  USA/UK - POLYGLOT LIBRARY (1960), ELEK BOOKS (1965), Hungary - TEKA (1988)

Ehrenburg's The Stormy Life of Lasik Roitschwantz (1928) is a version of Jaroslav Hašek's The Good Soldier Svejk and Voltaire's Candide. The hero is a simple, good-natured Jewish ghetto tailor from Belorussia whose adventures take him through a half a dozen countries and several prisons. Lazar works as a rabbit breeder in Tula, rabbi in Frankfurt, police informer for Scotland Yard, film actor in Berlin, pioneer in Palestine, and painter in Paris. Ehrenburg satirizes among others the phony artists of the Parisian Latin Quarter and the speculators in the Weimar Republic.

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