Congratulations to Oleg Dorman, whose documentary “The Note. Rudolf Barshai, a lifelong quest for one single note” has made it on the list of the best and most interesting publications of the last three months of Schallplattenkritik in the category DVD/Video.

Bernt Feuchtner on Rudolf Barshai: “Rudolf Barshai conducted the Tenth with the Austrian Radio Orchestra at the end of the 1980s, in Vienna and Montpellier, but soon discovered that the dissatisfaction he felt could not be dispelled by a few corrections here and there. Changing details was pointless: he had to make his own revision. [...] Such refinements, which of course critically determine the overall musical form, could only have become first apparent to a musician like Rudolf Barshai, who has devoted his life to the interpretation of the great European symphonic tradition and lived with Mahler’s music for several years.”

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