Ulitskaya is known for bringing together Russian and Jewish narrative tradition with modern storytelling. The jury says in the press-release: "Ludmila Ulitskaya receives the Günter Grass Prize of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck 2023 for her literary oeuvre, which, rich in artistic registers, combines all its dazzling characters, anecdotes and stories into a great social portrait of mores and lets them shine linguistically, sometimes as burlesque, sometimes in the form of masterly realism or epic pictures of epochs. With penetrating power of observation and often startling lightness, she tells of the most urgent things: the fullness of life and its shallows, the family, everyday life - under the conditions of ideology and political despotism. A work as a courageous objection to past and present tyranny and as a defence of hope, humour and intellectual freedom."

Awarding ceremony will be held on Friday, 16 of June, at the Lübeck City Library and in the garden of the Günter Grass House.

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