An annual meeting of International literature
The International Forum on the Novel 2008
may 26th - June 1st 2008 - Lyon / France

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Why so much love?

Monday 26th May 2008
19:30 pm
Librairie “Le Bal des Ardents”

Nicolas Fargues - France
Ludmila Oulitskaïa - Russia
Annie Proulx - USA
Alissa York - Canada

It is no coincidence that the love story developed at the same time as the novel. It is as if love, on account
of its complexity, its density, its contradictions and its impulses, allowed the novel to discover itself and to
open itself up to the enigma of the world and the individual. If the role of the novel is to translate elusive
and concrete reality, to cross-examine its mystery and its splendour, then the course of love and of feelings
in general opens perspectives where we can let literary imagination and the power of its language thrive.
Love is a mirror in which the intimacy of men and the characters of the world he inhabits can be reflected.
Through love stories, other stories may be told which link people to the societies in which they live, to the
spaces they cross and to the time which transports them.

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