New revised editions of The Name of the Rose and of the Postscript to The Name of the Rose have just been released in Russia by CORPUS BOOKS, a high-quality literature imprint of AST publishing group. First printing is already sold, additional printing is on its way.

Revised editions of other Eco's novels and non-fictional titles will be released by CORPUS BOOKS later this year and in 2012. Among them the first Russian edition of Eco's new novel The Cemetery of Prague which will be presented during Non/Fiction Book Fair in Moscow.

Russian subsidiary rights in Umberto Eco's works were licensed by CORPUS BOOKS from RCS Libri by arrangement with ELKOST Intl. literary agency.

The Name of the Rose CORPUS BOOKS, 2011 The Name of the Rose CORPUS BOOKS, 2011 The Cemetery of Prague, CORPUS BOOKS, 2011 The Island of the Day Before, CORPUS BOOKS, 2011 Foucault's Pendulum CORPUS BOOKS, 2011

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