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Ludmila Ulitskaya

ELKOST Intl. Literary Agency manages world publishing rights in ALL TITLES by Ludmila Ulitskaya

Людмила Улицкая (Россия), Ljudmila Ulitzkaja (Germany); Ludmila Oulitskaia (France); Ludmila Ulitskaya (England, USA, Spain); Ljudmila Ulickaja (Italy, Hungary); Ljudmila Ulitskaja (Finland, Denmark, Norway); Ljoedmila Oelitskaja (The Netherlands); Liudmila Ulickaja (Lithuania)


Ludmila Ulitskaya was born in 1943 in the Urals. After the graduation from Moscow University with a Degree of Master in Biology, she worked in the Institute of Genetics as a scientist. Shortly before perestroika (1979/1982) she became Repertory Director of the Hebrew Theatre of Moscow, and a scriptwriter.

She is the author of many novels and novellas including Medea and Her Children, Kukotsky Case, Sincerely Yours, Shurik, Daniel Stein, Interpreter, Imago / The Big Green Tent, and Yakov´s Ladder, of several collections of short stories, of tales for children, and of six plays staged by a theaters in Russia and Europe.

Ludmila Ulitskaya is one of the most profound and far-reaching writers of the contemporary Russian literature, and one of the most published modern Russian authors abroad.

Ludmila Ulitskaya is the winner of:

    • Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Bucharest (Romania, 2019)
    • 2018 Neustadt Prize Finalist (USA)
    • National Literary Prize BIG BOOK (Russia, 2016, 3rd place and Reader’s Choice Award for Yakov's Ladder);
    • Austrian State Prize for European Literature 2014;
    • Officier de la Légion d'honneur (France, 2013):
    • Park Kyung-ni International Literary Award (2012, South Korea),
    • Russian Booker of the Decade nominee (2011, for Daniel Stein, Interpreter),
    • Oleg Tabakov Prize (2011, Russia, for "Imago");
    • Prix Simone de Beauvoir pour la liberté des femmes (2011, France);
    • Gran Premio delle Lettrici ELLE (Nov. 2010, Italy);
    • Premio Bauer/Ca’Foscari (2010, Italy);
    • GLOBE yearly prize of The Znamya monthly literature magazine (2010, Russia, together with Mikhail Khodorkovsky for 'Dialogues with Ludmila Ulitskaya');
    • Man Booker International Prize nominee (2009);
    • Budapest Grand Prix (2009, Hungary);
    • Father Alexander Men's Award (2008, Germany-Russia, for "Daniel Stein, Interpreter");
    • Grinzane Cavour Literary Award (2008, Italy, for "Sincerely Yours, Shurik");
    • National Literary Prize BIG BOOK (2007, Russia, for "Daniel Stein, Interpreter");
    • Best Stage Play Award 2006 conferred by Moscow Culture Committee for the "Year of White Elephant" (2007, Russia);
    • National Olympia Prize of Russian Academy of Business (2007, Russia);
    • Penne Prize (2006, Italy, for "Kukotsky Case");
    • Venetz (Crown) Literary Prize (Russia, 2006)
    • Book of the Year Literary Prize (Russia, 2005, "for All Our Lord's Men")
    • National Literature Prize (2005, China, for "Sincerely yours, Shurik");
    • Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters (Ordre des Arts et Lettres) (France, 2004)
    • Best writer of the Year Prize (2004, Russia);
    • Novel of the Year Prize (2004, Russia, for "Sincerely yours, Shurik");
    • Knight of the Order of Academic Palms (Ordre des Palmes académiques) (France, 2003);
    • Russian Booker Prize (2001, Russia, for "Kukotsky Case");
    • Literature Prize Giuseppe Acerbi (1998, Italy, for "Sonechka");
    • Penne Prize (1997, Italy);
    • Prix Médicis (1996, France, for "Sonechka").