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Alexander Luria

ELKOST Intl. literary agency handles world rights in the literary estate of Alexander R. Luria (1902-1977).


Alexander R. Luria (1902-77) was one of the most significant psychological researchers and theorists of the 20th century and is often referred to in world scientific circles as A FATHER OF NEUROPSYCHOLOGY. Luria's works  were published by most prominent academic and mass-market-oriented publishers all over the world. However, in numerous cases Luria's text were not translated from his original Russian manuscript, but from other translations. Also, in overwhelming majority of countries where Luria's books were published (except maybe Germany) these publications had a sporadic character and therefore lack a comprehensive approach to overall Luria's scientific accomplishments.

Today, following a standstill in Luria's publications caused both by a dissolution of old Soviet mechanisms of foreign translation rights licensing and by uncertain situation with Luria's literary estate caused by a tragic death of his daughter Elena in 1993, a new opportunity surged to bring a unique corpus of Alexander Luria's writings back again to interested reader. This time Luria's books are systematized and complemented by his never-before-published works from great scientist's personal archive.

Among other Luria's works, we offer to all interested publishers a book entitled 'The Scientific Autobiography of Alexander Luria' intended for a most general audience. Along with Luria's own text, this volume contain a biographical essay dedicated to Alexander Luria authored by his daughter Elena, a distinguished scientist herself. Luria's autobiography was first published in the USA in 1972 and republished recently (2005, L. Erlbaum Associates). Elena Luria's essay appeared in Russian during perestroika and was never published abroad.

There's a lot of material in Luria's archive waiting to be published, including his working notes, not-published articles and essays, and his correspondence with the most prominent scientists of XXth century including Sigmund Freud and Lev Vygotsky.




1987 Pensamento e linguagem : as últimas conferencias de Luria – Artes Medicas

2001 Pensamento e linguagem : as últimas conferencias de Luria – Artmed

2005 Desenvolvimento cognitivo seus fundamentos culturais e sociais – SP Icone

2006 A mente e a memória um pequeno livro sobre uma vasta memória – Martins Fontes


2000 Jezik i svest - Zavod za udžbenike i nastavna sredstva

1980 Neuropsychologie a vyssí psychické funkce : Výber statí z prací prof. A. R. Luriji – SPN

1977 Ztracený a znovunavrácený svet - SPN


1983 Osnovi neuropsihologije – Nolit


1977 Las funciones corticales superiores del hombre - Orbe 


1995 En splintret verden : en hjerneskade og dens følger -Nordisk Forlag

1995 Hjernen : introduktion til neuropsykologien - Nordisk Forlag

1995 Sprog og bevidsthed - Nordisk Forlag


1996 Suurmuistaja : pieni kirja suuresta muistista ; Mies jonka maailma pirstoutui ; eraan aivovaurion tarina -  Gaudeamus

1979 Psykologia ja psyykkisen toiminnan kehityshistoria – Kansankulttuuri


1985 Les fonctions corticales supérieures de l'homme - Presses Universitaires de France

1998 L'homme dont le monde volait en éclats - Seuil


1982 Die Funktion der Sprache in der geistigen Entwicklung des Kindes - Schwann

1986 Sprache und Bewußtsein - Pahl-Rugenstein

1992 Der Mann, dessen Welt in Scherben ging. Zwei neurologische Geschichten - Rowohlt

1993 Romantische Wissenschaft Forschungen im Grenzbezirk von Seele und Gehirn - Rowohlt-Taschenbuch

1992 Das Gehirn in Aktion : Einfuhrung in die Neuropsychologie - Rowohlt,

2002 Kulturhistorische Humanwissenschaft: Ausgewählte Schriften - Pro Business

2004 Gehirn, Geschichte und Gesellschaft : die Neuropsychologie Alexander R. Lurijas (1902 - 1977) -  Lehmanns Media


1978 Problemi fondamentali di neurolinguistica – Armando

2001 Un mondo perduto e ritrovato - Editori Riuniti

2002 Una memoria prodigiosa. Viaggio tra i misteri del cervello umano - Mondadori

2004 Viaggio nella mente di un uomo che non dimenticava nulla - Armando Editore


2005 Las funciones corticales superiores del hombre - Distribuciones Fontamara,


1977 Neuropsychological studies in aphasia - Swets & Zeitlinger

1982 Grondslagen van de neuropsychologie - Van Loghum Slaterus

1989 De Man met een kogel in zijn hoofd : "de geschiedenis van een neurologisch geval"-  B. Bakker

1990 Een teveel aan geheugen : een neurologisch geval -  Bakker


1973 Habla y desarrollo mental en el niño – A.Redondo

1973 Pequeño libro de una gran memoria - Taller de Ediciones Josefina Betancor

1978 Cerebro y lenguaje : la afasia traumática : síndroma, exploración y tratamiento – Fontanella

1979 Psicología y pedagogía - Akal

1979 El cerebro humano y los procesos psiquícos : análisis neuropsicológico de la actividad consciente – Fontanella

1979 Atención y memoria – Fontanella

1980 Los procesos cognitivos : análisis sociohistórico - Fontanella

1980 Fundamentos de neurolingèística – Masson

1980 Neuropsicologia de la Memoria – Hermann Blume

1981 La resolución de problemas y sus trastornos - Fontanella

1982 Introducción evolucionista a la psicología - Fontanella

1984 Atención y memoria – Mr. Ediciones

1984 Lenguaje y comportamiento – Ed. Fundamentos

1984 Sensación y percepción – Mr. Ediciones

1984 El cerebro en acción – Mr. Ediciones

1986 Lenguaje y pensamiento – Mr. Ediciones

1986 Introducción evolucionista a la psicología – Mr. Ediciones

2003 Desarrollo histórico de los procesos cognitivos – Ediciones Akal

2009 Pequeño libro de una gran memoria – KRK

2009 El mundo perdido y recuperado - KRK


1977 Mannen vars varld slogs i spillror : berattelsen om en hjarnskada - Wahlstrom & Widstrand


1977 Higher cortical functions in man - Basic Books 

1978 Cognitive development: its cultural and social foundations - Harvard University Press

1982 Language and cognition - Wiley

1987 The theory of A.R. Luria : functions of spoken language in the development of higher mental processes -  Erlbaum

1992 Ape, primitive man, and child: essays in the history of behavior - Harvester Wheatsheaf 1992

1997 The working brain an introduction to neuropsychology - Basic Books

2004 The Man with a Shattered World: The History of a Brain Wound -

Harvard University Press

2005 The autobiography of Alexander Luria: a dialogue with The making of mind - L. Erlbaum Associates

2006 The Mind of a Mnemonist: A Little Book about a Vast Memory -Harvard University Press