ELKOST International Literary Agency

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Creative comparison of cultures

ELKOST Intl. literary agency handles world subsidiary rights in 

CREATIVE COMPARISON OF CULTURES popular-science series for children and young adults  by leading Russian specialists

Project supervisor: Ludmila Ulitskaya



Rights sold to: Korea - THEORY & PRAXIS, World English - Veronica Lane Books (USA)


The project was devised and realized on the initiative of renown Russian writer and active European Cultural Parliament member Lyudmila Ulitskaya. All titles are authored by the recognized specialists in corresponding fields (sociology, physics, human rights, cosmogony, clothing, etc.).

All books of the series are devoted to certain aspects of life, such as family, science, religion, cuisine, clothing, etc., while their didactic emphasis is bundled with an entertaining fictional plotline. The major aim is to help children and young adults to understand how diverse is the world, and at the same time offer them an exciting reading experience.

Literature and books for children in particular make multicultural education more intelligible, and give children the idea of world’s cultural diversity.


1. A History of Costume by Raisa Kirsanova
People all over the world wear quite different clothes. Distinctions in national clothes depend on the local climate, customs, history and religious beliefs of people.

2. Professions by Natalia Borisova
A book about professions and professionals.

3. National cuisines and various diets by Alexandra Grigorieva
A book about food and cooking styles of many nations. Dishes reflecting nations.  

4. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights by Andrey Usachev
A book about human rights.

5. The Universe and its Order by Nastya Gosteva
A book about creation and structure of the Universe according to a different religious and scientific theories.

6. Birth and Death by Marina Butovskaya
A book about beliefs, traditions and rites in respect to birth and death in different nations.

7. Families by Vera Timenchik
A book about different family principles and traditions.    

8. Notion of the House Worldwide by Nastya Gosteva
A book about household organization and household gods in different cultures.

9. Crime and Punishment by Larissa Vinnik
A book about moral standards and correction methods in different nations  

10. Human Abilities and Disabilities by Irina Yasina
A book about disabled persons and social equality.

11. HIV and AIDS by Konstantin Skripkin

12. Money by Anton Berezin
A book about money of different countries and époques.

13. Your Tongue is My Friend by Olga Bikhina and Galina Gimon
A book about different languages.

14. Foreign Sun by Dmitry Bavilsky
A book about travelling habits.

This high-quality popular-science project for children, teenagers and young adults is supported by UNESCO thanks to its social and humanitarian importance.