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Marina Vishnevetskaya

ELKOST Intl. Agency handles world translation rights in ALL TITLES by Marina Vishnevetskaya

Winner of the Znamya Magazine prize (2004, Russia)
Winner of the Apollon Grigoriev Literary Award 2002 (the most prestigious literary prize in Russia adjudged by a jury formed of Experts and Main literary Critics for THE BEST WORK WRITTEN IN RUSSIA between Poetry, Fiction and Non-Fiction
Winner of the Ivan Petrovich Belkin Award 2002 for the best long short story

author1Marina Vishnevetskaya’s (b. 1955) works have been used as the basis for around 30 animated films, including The Mermaid, which was nominated for an Oscar (directed by Alexander Petrov). She has worked a lot in documentary cinema, and for TV. Her books Came the Moon out of Mist, Get Lost, Crocodile! and Experiences are all well known and considered to be the top of contemporary Russian literary prose.

Marina Vishnvetskaya's official webpage: http://www.marvish.ru/