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Andrey Volos

ELKOST Intl. Literary Agency handles world publishing rights in ALL TITLES by ANDREY VOLOS

2013 Russian Booker Award winner
2013 Russian Sudent Booker Award winner
2013 Ivan Bunin literary award winner
2009 Russian Booker Award nominee
Shortlisted author for National Literary Award Big Book (2007, Russia)
Shortlisted author for 2007 RUSSIAN BOOKER Award
Shortlisted author for National Literary Award Big Book  (2006, Russia)
“Novyj mir” Magazine Award (2006, Russia)
State Literary Prize (2001, Russia)
Penne Prize (1999, Italy)
Anti-Booker Prize (1998, Russia)


Andrey Volos (b.1955) is one of the most important Russian fiction writers living. Volos is a member of Russian Pen-Club, winner of multiple literary awards and prizes. 

"Andrei Volos continues the tradition of stern realism in Russian literature, with his economical but expressive language, his sharp psychological insights, and his gorgeous descriptions of nature and national traditions." (Ex Libris magazine)