ELKOST International Literary Agency

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Marina Akhmedova

ELKOST Intl. literary agency handles world rights in all writings by Marina Akhmedova

2012 Russian Booker Award finalist
NOS Literary Award nominee (2011, Russia)
Special Award of Royal Netherlands Embassy in Moscow (III International Festival of Journalism, 2011)


Marina Akhmedova is a Moscow-based professional reporter specializing in social and cultural issues. Republics of North Caucasian region of Russia is sphere of her special interest.

Marina is an author of several books of fiction: Krokodil (AST, 2014), Masterpiece (AST, 2013), Woman at Chechen War (AST, 2010), House of Blind (AST, 2011), and Khadijah, Notes of a Death Girl (aka Dnevnik Smertnitzi, Diary of a female suicide-bomber, AST, 2011).

Marina has also translated Ruth Rendell’s The Babes in the Wood and Amy Gray’s Spygirl for EXMO publishing house.